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About us

Welcome to Supreme Services, our history dates back to 1984. Since then we have sustained many ups and downs in our perspective industry. Sustainability means more than just being around for Supreme, it encompasses continued, committed leadership, quality, safety, innovation and protection of the environment and people. Sustainability at Supreme is about moving forward as a thriving successful business, a challenge we’ve met throughout our past and will continue to meet with its “Supreme” - employees,  innovation, and commitment to excellence.

Being the largest independent specialty rental company around, Supreme has built a strong reputation by providing quality products and services that meet and in most cases exceed our customer expectations. By innovation and patented new equipment that is manufactured daily we will continue to lead the way in our perspective industry.

We must also realize that Supreme is made up of more than just the products and services we produce. Our commitment is also to our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. Team Supreme consists of 450 employees operating from 5 facilities across the U.S. with more on the way, and we take our obligation to provide them with a safe and rewarding career as a key element in how we run our business. We also strive to be active in our community and industry, by contributing to non-profit organizations for the betterment of the less fortunate and industry organizations, trying to make a difference and doing the right thing. 

Additionally, we believe that Health, Safety and the Environment has a vested interest in Supreme, and Supreme in them, without taking care of “one and the other” there will be neither. Through ongoing implementation of Supreme’s innovative “SQIP” Safety Quality Incentive Program employees are rewarded by increasing efficiency, and reducing waste along with employing the best safe work practices for good health and a clean environment.

Structured with strong conviction to our core set of values and sustainability that has been an integral part of our history, we shall move into the next chapter of Supremes' future knowing we shall play a valuable role as a good corporate citizen.


Tommy Fanguy
President/CEO Supreme Services.


204 Industrial Ave C • Houma, LA 70363 • Tel: (985) 851-7465 Fax: (985) 851-2180
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