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Frac Heads

Makes up to the top of the workstring that allows high rate pumping from a single or multiple lines from the pumps.

3" 4" and 5" ID

Each item holds certificate of conformance

 Ranges from 10,000 psi to 15,000 psi

Custom built to suite customer needs

Fast Five Frachead

Hydraulic Panels 

Supplies the Hydraulics needed to operate the Frachead, and Hydraulic Frac Manifold

4 Bank , 5 Bank, and 8 Bank ( 8 Bank used in fracturing operations), and 12 Bank.

Certified pull test on all slings and padeyes 

Pull test on padeyes and pre and post job function test

Built in backup, small footprint

FAST Hydraulic Panels

Hydraulic Manifolds

Allows fluids flowpath to be diverted in several directions during pumping operations 

3" x 2"  and 4" x 3"  Hydraulic or Manual      

22,500 psi test pressure and 15,000 psi working pressure

Hydraulic Manifolds


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